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Main Control Valve

  • Applicable Machinery

    1. Excavator, Crane, Rock drill, Fork lift, High place operation car, etc.
  • Main Control Valve for Excavator

    1. Applicable Excavator class : 1.5TON ~ 50TON Grade
    2. Rated Pressure : 250bar ~ 380bar
    3. Rated Flow : 50 I/min ~ 280 I/min
    4. Spool Diameter : 13Ø ~ 28Ø
  • Other Valves

    1. Locking Valve, Diverter Valve, Pattern Change Valve, Pilot Selector Valve, Stop Valve, etc.
Product Introduction

Hydraulic Pump

KOTRACK covers Hydraulic Pump, Swing motor and Reduction gear with the most competitive price with the same OEM quality, ranging from Construction Equipment to Industrial Machinery.

Applicable Machinery

Engineering & Construction machine, Crusher, Hydraulic Press, Deck Machinery, Steel Manufacturing equipment, Special Vehicles

Hydraulic Pump for Excavator

Applicable Excavator class : 5TON ~ 75TON

Other Products

Gear Pump, PTO, Main Pump, Sol. Valve, etc.

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Travel Device & Swing Device

KOTRACK promises full customer satisfaction through high quality, punctual delivery, competitive price. Building specialized production & painting facility, main steps are proceed in the factory (Heat treatment, Shaper, Hobbing) and we have implement performance testing for finished products.

  • Applicable Machinery

    1. Applicable Excavator class for Travel motor : 5TON ~ 120TON
    2. Applicable Excavator class for Swing motor : 6TON ~ 120TON
    3. Capacity: Travel motor : 70,000 units / year
    4. Capacity: Travel motor : 70,000 units / year
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Joy Stick, Pedal Valve

KOTRACK Hydraulic Remote Controls require very little operator effort, increasing more productivity from both man and machine. Excellent pressure metering capabilities allow precise control of work functions and less wear and tear on the application. Our Joy Stick and Pedal Valve perfectly match to the main stage valve to achieve optimum machine performance.

  • Hydraulic Remote Controls

    1. Rated Flow : 8 ~ 30 LPM
    2. Output Pressure : 0 ~ 30 bar
    3. Maximum inlet pressure : 50 bar for aluminum // 100 bar for cast iron
    4. High and consistent performance guaranteed over a wide range of temperature : -20˚C ~ 90˚C
  • Other Products

    1. Hydraulic Remote Control Pedal
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We are a high-tech enterprise which is focused on and specialized in excavator hydraulic cylinder, adjuster cylinder, suspended nitrogen, steering cylinder, lifting cylinder, etc. We cover complete sets of hydraulic machinery and equipment R & D and manufacturing.

  • Applicable Machine

    1. Construction Machinery, Engineering & Mining machinery, forklift, agricultural machinery, environmental protection machine, etc. We cover max 500mm bore sizes with production capacity of 5,000 sets/month. Quality control standard is the same level with OEM. We supply competitive price with low Production MOQ
  • Piston Rod Material (40CrMnB)

    1. Rod center have hardening and tempering heat treatment
    2. Surface high-frequency quenching; harden to 58 HRC
    3. Surface hard chrome plating: 50 micron
  • Cylinder body Material (27SiMn)

    1. Tempering heat treatment
    2. Boring & rolling cylinders after cylinder body & rod head welded
    3. 25Mn/27SiMn steel are two times more bearable than C45/C20 steel。
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Hydraulic Parts

KOTRACK has provided great range of Hydraulic pump assembly and parts. We will also fulfill continuously customer-oriented operation and become a credible partner by supplying top product and service.

  • Core Parts of Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

    1. Cylinder Block, Support & Swash Plate, OEM Parts, Piston Assembly, Valve Plate, OES Part, Shaft, Retainer Plate & Ball Guide etc.
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